Hen boarding terms and conditions

A deposit is required to confirm the booking of £24.00. This is non refundable and secures your booking.
We will take payment for the remaining charge at ‘check in’
We do not accept boarders with out full payment at ‘check in’
Sick/injured birds can not be boarded. We have the right to refuse to board poultry that we believe is not in good health.
All your poultry will be boarded in the same pen, if you require another pen, minimum night charge will apply to a second pen ( quail will be housed separate)
Minimum charge per night is £6.00 and £24.00 per stay.
Quail £1.00 per night minimum £4.00 per night.
Worming course £2.00 per bird
No deliveries/collections  on a Sunday
The boarding pens are in a bio secure area of the farm. You can view the pens from the foot path but we can not accommodate you ‘settling’ them in’
You are welcome to walk up to view the area. All boarders are settled into their accommodation very shortly after they arrive at the farm.

  • As experienced poultry keepers, we will look after guest birds with the same care and attention that we give to our own flock.  However, all birds staying with us do so at the owners risk and we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to birds, whilst they are in our care.  If your birds are valuable, you should obtain insurance cover from your own broker.
  • All birds will be inspected on arrival.  We reserve the right to refuse admission to birds if they are showing signs of infectious disease, injury or are in poor condition.  In order to protect all poultry on our farm, birds will be treated with an anti-mite product on arrival.
  • Birds will be kept in ‘owner groups’ in secure houses and paddocks, which are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between visiting groups of birds.  They will not free range around the farm and will not be allowed to mix with other poultry on the farm.  Bedding will be changed, at least once a week.  We will provide all food ( layers pellets ), water, grit and bedding.  You are welcome to leave a supply your own feed for use, if you prefer.
  • Should a bird become unwell during its stay with us, we will try to contact you for your instructions, but if we are unable to make contact with you, we will use our experience to decide upon what action to take.  If we consider it necessary, we will take the bird to our vet for treatment at your cost.
  • All fees must be paid on arrival of your birds
  • Birds should arrive between midday and 4.30pm at the start of their stay and must be collected between 10.30am and midday at the end of their stay.  Please adhere to these times as houses need to be vacated, cleaned and disinfected, ready for the next set of guests. If you cannot collect your birds within these hours there may be an extra charge as we would have had to return the birds to clean pens that would have been meant for new boarders until you collect.
  • Birds should be delivered in secure cardboard boxes (with ventilation holes) or pet carriers, clearly marked with your name.  You may leave these with us for re-use on collection if you wish. Please do not bring birds in plastic storage crates
  • If the collection of your birds is delayed for reasons beyond your control, please let us know.  We will try to fit in with your revised schedule, but we cannot guarantee that the birds can stay in their current pens, as new birds may be booked in.  In these circumstances, we may need to house them in alternative unit’s .Any veterinary charges or extra boarding fees must be paid in full, prior the birds leaving our farm.