Lohmann Brown Chicken

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A friendly ‘girl next door’ hen that lays 320 brown eggs. The Lohmann Brown is very popular, great with children (a common trait amongst our chickens) and very placid. Brave and inquisitive as well!
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These birds are well suited to the smallest domestic flock or hobbyist due to their very placid nature and their low maintenance husbandry needs, an ideal choice for first time keepers. Although there are many strains of this type hybrid available from various breeding companies, Moon Ridge Farm uses Lohmann and Hyline brown varieties. These have continued to prove successful in all systems and ongoing product developments will help maintain this success. Although the brown varieties are bred with the commercial producer in mind, where efficiencies are paramount and margins are tight these birds are well suited to the smallest domestic flock or hobbyist due to their very placid nature and their low maintenance husbandry needs, an ideal choice for first time keepers.

  • Suits all production systems, commercial to domestic.
  • 320 mid brown egg in first year.
  • Very efficient production of large eggs.
  • Placid and inquisitive and friendly

We guarantee you happy healthy stock, free advice and guidance to keep your chickens healthy. We aim to have here everything you need to successfully keep your chickens.

Uniquely here at Moonridge you can walk amongst the chickens and pick out your favourite individuals. It is not always about the breed, for some people it has a lot to do with their characters!!

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4 reviews for Lohmann Brown Chicken

  1. Polly Potter

    This is the friendliest and most inquisitive hen I’ve owned in the 10 years I’ve had pet chickens. By day 2 she was perched on my lap and taking food from my hand. She’s had a calming influence on the rest of the flock, and for a “girl next door” chuck, I think she’s really very beautiful … the markings in her feathers are like little golden flames. She’s just started to lay, and if she’s as productive as expected, what’s not to like?

  2. Ben

    I purchased 4 of these about 6weeks ago. Very friendly and inquisitive, and not too flighty.. although we have now clipped their wings to remove any aspirations for my neighbours fence that one of them was showing.

    They were in great condition when I picked them up, one was laying the next day and the rest have followed on over past weeks.

    A great distraction for the children during lockdown.

  3. Christine

    We bought two new girls at the end of May and can’t believe how friendly and easy to handle they both are. It was a real surprise when opening the box and seeing them for the first time, complete with eggs! Absolutely beautiful to look at; would definitely buy some more if we had the space.

  4. Lin

    Very friendly bird, easy going and not very vocal (which is good if you have close neighbours). My Lohman brown had a slow start, have waited 4 months before she starts to lay, but once started she doesn’t stop. I have noticed she has trimmed beak which I believe were done centrally when she were in the hatchery, makes she looks a bit pitiful but that doesn’t effect her at all.

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