Ducklings & Goslings

We sell from day old. Please see each breed for availability and further information such as if they are sexed and their hatch dates. These young birds are generally still on heat .

Our young stock are fed   Chick Super Starter crumb 5kg which can be ordered through the shop.
We advise the addition of  intervits that can help with stress of moving and is ideal for young birds
If you have ordered ducklings from us we will ensure you have the correct feed for them.
They need heat for the first three weeks of their life. This can be provided by a heat lamp and bulb.
They will also need bedding we use shavings for ducklings as it is super absorbent.
Please ensure you have suitable drinker and feeder for your goslings .
Do not mix young birds with older birds, do not mix multi hatch dates and types eg ducklings and chicks in same brooder as thy have different growth rates and needs . Please see our information sheets

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